GOM Studio


What kind of service is Gom Studio?

Views: 7,740 Date: 2016. 02. 24

It’s a service which enables you to easily produce various personal broadcasts using YouTube, twich and others.

Support broadcasts

  • YouTube, twich, dailymotion, hitbox, Azubu.TV, UStream, INSTAGIB, Connect Game
  • Provides up to 1080P live broadcast definition

Main features

  • Games, videos, application program operation, recording and broadcast transmission through a softcam
  • Enables various subtitle production, enhances broadcast quality
  • Provides convenient broadcast additional services such as individual shots, monitoring window and others
  • Image slide show feature

Image slide show feature

  • Provides easy interface separating the edit screen and broadcast screen as well as control features
  • Provides welcome and chroma key
  • Mouse pointer effect setting